From Banarasi to Chanderi, This Portal Brings You the Finest Sarees from All Around India Directly From the Artisans

By Karan M.


India's rich culture & style is best defined by the ethereal weaves of sarees that are still being made by the generations of artisans. From Benaras to Chanderi, the sarees that are handcrafted by the regions' artisans had somehow started slipping into the oblivion by the advent of international brands and a global sense of fashion. Nevertheless, these weaves, these spectacular sarees are still very much apart of the Indian fashion culture and they still represent our sense of style. And with portals like, these hand-crafted weaves are getting their share of popularity and availability. WeaverStory is a brand that will not only get you closer to your banarasi saree but also open a world of possibilities with authentic hand-crafted weaves from all around India. 



Founded by Nishant Malhotra with a vision to revive the dying art of Banarasi Silk, the start-up became much more than that. Not only can you shop online for your authentic saree, you can also visit their boutique store in Delhi to physically shop and explore a full world of Indian artisan-made sarees brought to you directly without the intervention of any intermediaries.

How to Shop?

You can shop online from or Visit their boutique store in New Delhi's Panchsheel


 S 364, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi 110017