Brides-to-be, these offbeat churas will take your breath away!

By Eena Batra


Every bride has a ton of decisive arguments going on to curate the wedding day look she wants and a part of it that lives longer than just a day or a few weeks is the Chura. With trending and changing fashion, there are designs and colours that might have brides-to-be baffle about the same.

It is very important to choose the colour, size and design of the chura wisely as you may have to wear it for more than a year (sometimes, unwillingly you know). To have a better idea of your choice and what looks nice, check out these awesome and different churas.

Embed pastels in your newly-wed life with a gorgeous and light chura like this bride.

Photo Credits: snapsoulindia/Instagram

Love classic red? Get yourself a basic red bangle chura with a hint of gold on the ends like Neha Dhupia and more.

Don’t like the cliché picks? Adorn your wrists for months in a white chura and burst all the myths.

Photo Credits: makeupbyspeastland/Instagram

Pink is always IN. Pick a safe and always trending pink chura to go with your bridal lehenga and everyday look post wedding.

Photo Credits: shutterdownphotography/Instagram

Want something even different? Pair green chura with diamond studded bangles for a royal look.

Photo Credits: cineloveproductions/Instagram