6 shooters you must serve on your cocktail party!

By Eena Batra


Indian cocktail parties are all about raising a toast while binge eating and grooving. To make sure your guests go back with a happy hangover and good culinary experience, you must make sure you serve some unique and absolutely tempting shooters to get everyone in the mood.

Don’t know what to add on the list? Check out these 6 ultimate picks!

Taco and Tequila shots

Who doesn’t love Mexican when it’s served with a shot of Tequila. Have mini taco and tequila serving as an entrée for your cocktail and have the guest step in with good taste.

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Gol Gappa shots

Been there, had that? We know but gol-gappa shots with vodka or whiskey are a must keep starter at the cocktail parties. So make sure the mainstream but loved starter is on the trays.

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Wine tarts

No one minds some mulled wine tarts to get the alcohol mls activated. We are sure your guests would be chasing them for good.

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Nutella and churros

Nutella and mini churro bites are all you need to get your guts going at a cocktail party and it’s not just new but also a unique addition to the catering count.

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Liquor chocolate bites

Though there are a variety of liquor chocolates and anyone can pick and keep those but we suggest you order and treat your guests to artisanal and creamy liquor chocolates to make sure they get best of the both worlds.

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Liquor popsicles

Having a summer wedding? Even if not, let your guests suck up on delish boozy popsicles for a revived high to remember post the meals.

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