About WedWise- India's Largest Wedding Community



WedWise was created in 2015 to be India’s first community driven wedding company. Our vision is to resolve chokepoints in the wedding ecosystem, whether they be due to information sought extending all the way to end-to-end wedding solutions. The community acts as an aggregator and is thus both a B2B as well as a B2C channel.

WedWise is a wedding vendor and service provider discovery platform and has become a name that's synonymous with wise wedding planning, recommendations and leads for the perfect Indian wedding.

Our vision in introducing an era of Digitally planned weddings is supported by a collective followership of close to 100,000 People on the digital media who regularly interact with us directly, as we create & share highly refined and well-researched content related to Indian Weddings.

Since its inception, WedWise has curated and successfully executed events and meetups not only India, but also in the United Kingdom. The creative & economic exchange is further extended via the highly engaging Social Media channels of WedWise, positioning WedWise as an influencer in the Wedding Industry.